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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a deadly weekend down south where storms took the lives of more than dozen people the violent weather brought down trees, power lines and leveled trailer homes and communities. >> mississippi george. same system sweeping into our region, coastal flooding is a big concern down the shore this afternoon. waves are crashing along the shore lines, heavy rain, will cause we've rowing, atlantic city electric causing 5,000
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outages mostly camden count. >> i from the shore you can see what the winds is doing further inland. tree in as ten, delaware county comes crashing down this morning right into a home on beatrice lane. there is quite a bit of damage. fortunately, no one was hurt. here in center city the flags are whipping in the high winds, people are bundle up against gusts expected to be 50 miles an hour at times today. peco reports some 15,000 power outages, at this hour, mostly in chester county. >> we are in for a soaker of a day along with all of that wind. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. lauren casey tracking the storm in the cbs-3 weather center. what a morning, what's the latest now? >> we continue to deal with conditions that we have been dealing with over the last several hours throughout the morning. winds continuing to whip strong wind gusts, check out some of the wind gusts already, as we look down the shore, right now, you can see, the winds driving that rain, driving the ocean water as we get live look at ocean city. cape may county, new jersey, the most rough conditions being had along the coast
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where winds gust of 63 miles per hour in cape may. 52 miles per hour in ocean city. you think about tropical storm force, that starts criteria at around 39 miles per hour. we're at 47-mile per hour winds in reading and in northeast philly, winds gusting to 45 already. and we have had some storm report traffic light down in atlantic city, power outages in lumberton, home in lewes, delaware, unfortunately, likely to see more of these type reports, as we head into the afternoon. high winds warning in effect for philadelphia surrounding counties, upward 65 miles per hour at the shore points, gusting 50 miles per hour which we've already had reports of in and around philadelphia, check out winds gust 45 miles per hour in center city philadelphia where gusting to 43, wilmington, 51-mile per hour winds gust right now atlantic city. concerned because of the strong on shore winds flow with coastal flooding, already
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seen numb russ roadways under water at our shore points, particularly in stone harbor, we do have coastal flood warning, beaches in delaware, new jersey coastline, then we are going to see activity picking up, as far as rainfall is concerned. so, for this afternoon, evening, heavy rain, high winds, coastal flooding, beach errosion, and likelihood of more power outages, and more details on whether these conditions will start to calm down, in your full forecast coming up. >> thanks so much, lauren. let's take you live down the shore for first-hand look at the conditions there. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live in dennis township cape may county. greg, good afternoon, what are you seeing? >> lauren hewett saying it will cam down, not here, cape may county, there is steady stream of rain falling, but the concern is the win. see the gusts driving down here cape may county throughout the morning, we slowly made our way 25, 35,
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45-mile per hour gusts, in fact, lauren casey was mentioning, 63-mile per hour gust, noted here, in cape may county. this is the conditions that we're seeing here right now. the big concern, once again, are the gusts, making driving dangerous, downed treason the way down here into cape may county. these conditions only expected to worsen here throughout the morning, throughout the afternoon. the rain is going to fall harder, as well, one, 2 inches you heard, the rain right now, not too much after concern. it is the winds that is really causing the power outages, these concerns for drivers, for those living in these communities. we're going to head down the shore, we will provide you many more updates throughout the afternoon. but for now that's the latest here in dennis township. greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, greg, thank you. and weather could be to blame for mural coming down from the wall of hahnemann hospital at broad and race. now, there were high winds in the area at the time. part of the mural landed on couple of suv's in hahnemann
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parking lot, cars not seriously damaged, no report of injuries. well, 19 people have died and many more injured as intense tornados ravage the southeast. storms continued into the early morning hours stretching as far south as miami. don champion has the latest from albany, georgia. >> i think that's a tornado. >> this tornado in albany is just one of the reported two dozen twisters, in georgia this weekend. they left behind fields of debris, power lines, on the ground, and devastated lives. >> crews searched door-to-door, for survivors, some areas, that lost power. >> i have been in bed. i've been in hurricanes, but nothing as bad as this. this has been one of the worse days i've ever seen in all. >> tornado that hit albany smashed in homes, tore down traffic lights, and uprooted trees. >> oh, mercy. look like a war zone. i mean, lines down, trees down, aluminum everywhere, the
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baptist church down, pretty much gone. i mean, just a mess. >> in cook county mobile home park was wiped out killing seven people. >> laying in bed and it felt like i was in a -- >> as far south as miami, tornado warnings early today. utility crews repaired minor problems after storms rolled through. more than three dozen tornados were reported over the weekend. from louisianna to georgia. the storm system was so big it, extended north into the carolina's. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, president trump has pledged federal assistance for georgia, florida and alabama, after these storms. >> the president is expected to visit philadelphia as well on thursday for a congressional republican retreat. correspondent craig boswell shows us the busy start of week one for the trump administration. >> president trump sat down with business leaders at the white house this morning, and promised to decrease regulations up to 75%, and to
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help taxpayers. >> we are going to be cutting taxes massively for both the middle class and for companies. >> the president is vowing to increase manufacturing jobs in the u.s. >> we want to start making our products again. we don't want to bring them in. we want to make them here. >> warns companies that move jobs out of the s would face what he calls substantial border tax. today white house follows equally busy weekends for the trump administration. the president visited the. ci a and seniors advisors were sworn in, but a lot of the focus was about the size of the inauguration crowd. >> the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> but aerial photos do not support that claim. >> i love you. i respect you. there is nobody i respect more. you are going to do a fantastic job. and we're going to start winning again. >> the president's visit to the cia was designed to mend fences with the intelligence
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communities, but some critics say focus too much on the media and himself. craig boswell for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well good news for president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara. officials at houston methodist hospital say mrs. bush was released today and the former president will soon be moved out of intensive care. >> he's on minimal oxygen, joking and laughing with the nurses. >> mr. bush was struggling to breathe when he was admitted on january 14th. he was treated for pneumonia. his wife was treated for bronchitis. police are investigating a murder south philadelphia. and are hoping that you may be able to help them. the victim was found along the 2600 block of emily street before 2:00 this morning. investigators think the actual shooting took place at 46th and walnut, in west philly. if you have any information on this deadly shooting, please call police right away. police are also checking the surveillance video in search for gunman who robbed vintage wine bar in center city earlier today. the bar is on the 100 block of
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south 13th street, investigators say, a mask armed man broke into the bar just before 1:30, that suspect got away with about $200 in cash. philadelphia police have located the stolen get-away car used in a violent chestnut hill home invasion. it happened on chestnut hill avenue early saturday morning. police say armed man enters the home through unlock door before making his way into the bedroom. suspect then forced male victim to stay in the room while he sexually assaulted a female in another room. man stole wallets, cell phones, keys, before fleeing in their 2017 hyundai alantra. police are still searching for the suspect. >> sports worlds mourning the loss of two major league players. >> coming up: both players died in separate car crashes, we'll have the details on the accidents. >> we now know what caused samsung phones to explode and catch fire. the results of the month company's m
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>> it is the batteries that are to blame, what samsung said caused fires in their galaxy note seven phone. >> company made the announcement sunday saying the batteries poorly designed and manufactured. samsung launched month long investigation to figure out the problem after stopping sales. phone in october. >> major league baseball community is mourning the death of one of the sports top young stars, 25 year old kansas city royals pitcher, yordano ventura killed in a car crash in the dominican republic yesterday. ventura played on two winners
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and won world series. another player, andy marte, also killed in a unrelated crash also in the dominican republic. marte played with the indians among other teams. he was 33 years old. now we know the teams that will go to bat until superbowl 51, in less than two weeks, on the afc side tomorrow brady and the new england patriots, punched their ticket with a big win over pittsburgh. brady through for three touchdowns, two to chris hogan and new england's beat of the steelers, 36 to 17. this is seventh time brady and coach bill belichick have made it to the superbowl. brady says it is not easy. >> it is a lot of hard work. >> only two teams left standing. i'm happy we're one of them. that's what our goal is. and it is nice to be able to achieve that. >> all right, and there was another offensive outburst in the nfc game. penn charter grad matt ryan even better than brady he ran for one touchdown, through for four more. talk about a snack-down. falcons beat the packers 44 to
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21. quarterback ryan says the team, yes, they're enjoying their run, but they're not finished. >> we'll enjoy it, because it is hard to get to this point. i knew from experience, difficult to get to this point. we'll enjoy the build up in the process leading to it. but our ultimate goal is still in front of us. >> this will be the second trip for the superbowl for the falcons. >> line has patriots three-point favorite, also in superbowl news, country music singer luke bryant has been chosen to sing the national anthem. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bryant has been chosen to sing the national anthem at the superbowl, it will be part of the pre-game show. his first team appearing at the superbowl. patriots face-off against the falcons february 5th. should be good game. >> rain and snow pound california. still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> we will show you what rescuers are dealing with on the roads in the southern part of the golden state, while further north heavy snow is making mountain roads
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impassable. lauren? >> high wind warnings in effect across the area, coastal flood warnings. we have active day of weather. we will talk in about. that will look ahead toward the upcoming weekends in the weekends watch, much quieter conditions. seasonable temperatures, break from intense storm systems moving on through. we do have some sunshine in store, as well. but of course, today, we're talking about these winds, coastal flooding and add to that, periods of heavy rainfall, as we head into the rest of our monday. and i'll have all of the details on that coming up in your full forecast just after this. be the you who doesn't cover
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>> powerful winter storms are pomeling southern california dumping record setting rain and reaking havoc on the roads. >> rescuers pulled four people from the pick-up truck after it washed away, as we can see off the road, marietta sunday. took about 20 minutes to get everyone onto dry land. no one was injured during the rescue. and while drivers were dealing with pounding rain, in southern california, snow was the problem in the mountains. roads are covered with several inches snow and ice, from the weekend winter storm. forecasters say many mountain roads will be continue to be impassable some places throughout the day today. >> big thing with us, not only rain, lauren, the winds. i've just check on facebook. people are watching our newscast, pine hill, new jersey, reports of some outages there, downingtown, goshen, new jersey, parts of quakertown area. >> yes, unfortunately, we're likely to see more of those, more of those as we head into the next, especially, couple of hours. that's where we deal with the strongest winds. so get those, i don't know, flashlights ready if you needs
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them. >> charge up the phone. yes. dealing with the nor'easter, it is a nor'easter. thankfully though it is a warm air nor'easter, if you can take away one piece of good news, from this wet their we're dealing with, that's been so impact full, so far today, across the delaware vale, getting live look at the neighborhood network cam, margate, that's angry looking sea and angry looking scene altogether. we are dealing with the impact from this nor'easter, and we're seeing these very intense winds speeds, 95 corridor, south jersey, and specially along the coastline, current winds, sustained winds, right now, also causing a problem, with the power outages, because we just have the strong winds that are persisting, and not letting up, upward of 30 miles per hour along the i95 corridor. upward of 40 miles per hour along the coast, then we have the strong wind gusts on top of that. even higher gusts, 45, right now, in center city philadelphia, gusting up into the 50's at our shore point, and that's going to continue into the next couple of hours. really this is the most active time frame of this nor'easter that we're in right now.
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over the next several hours, as we get into the afternoon and early evening hours, you see model projections, wind gusts up 60 miles per hour for parts of south jersey and along the coastline, upward of 45 to 50 miles per hour for the second half of the day today. in and along the i95 corridor. still quite windy headed into the evening hours, not going to see those super intense wind gusts as we head into the second half of the evening. then still windy overnight tonight. windy day tomorrow. but likely the winds are not going to cause the type of damage that we're seeing across the area today, as we head into the day tomorrow. and then, finally, as we head into wednesday, little bit after breeze. much, much quieter. definitely, it is not going to be the case as we head into this afternoon and evening, as i mentioned, strong wind gusts, periods of rain, see the rainfall start to pick up now, even potential embedded thunderstorm headed into the evening hours, rainfall totals will be significant on about one to 2 inches of rainfall. of course, along the coast, where we're seeing the most
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significant impact from this storm system. high tied to occur, but between four to 5:00 p.m. we will continue to see the wind gusts to 60-mile per hour, more and more pour outages, more road closures due to moderate coastal flooding, heavy rainfall, one to 3 inches headed into tonight through the end of this event. and significant beach errosion, is likely, as we head throughout the day. storm scan3, showing us we're dealing with winds, coastal flooding and more rainfall on top of. that will the rain looking much more uniform, especially over the last couple of frames here. and that will continue to fill in, and the rainfall intensity will continue to fill or continue to increase as we see this moisture building in from off the coastline. so future weather showing us as we head into the afternoon and early evening hours, it will be a tough commute. rain continuing to come down. but then, as we head into tuesday, we will see some areas of rainfall in the morning, then things will start to winds down into tomorrow afternoon. but there is a concern, for accumulating ice, especially in the higher elevations, up toward the poconos, carbon,
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monroe counties, really not great time to get on the roadways specially later today. rainfall totals as i mention could be upward of an inch, 2 inches, maybe even pushing 3 inches locally by the ends of this event. most of the rain will have come down by midday tomorrow. so for today, strong gusty winds, periods of rain, temperatures only in the 40's, rain, and wind continues tonight with the chance of an isolated storm. and then on tuesday, we will deal with some morning rain, then things quieting down still windy, but again, not those intense wind gust that is we will see throughout the day tomorrow. then check that out. this storm will be history by wednesday. sunshine, 53. >> nice rebounds there. >> yes. >> thank you, lauren, appreciate it. >> also, more on the severe weather pounding the shore line. what is happening along long beach island. stay
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>> welcome back, coming up, frightening armed video, storm into a bucks county convenience store, guns drawn, exactly where it happened, how police think you can help. >> and we continue to monitor the northeastern that's pounding the shore at this hour, take a look, this eyewitness video comes to us from long beach island, where beach errosion, very real concern, so is coastal flooding, heavy rains, pounding the shore for hours, and power outages are also possible. >> final check on the forecast, lauren? >> we have the coastal flood warnings, and advisories in effect through this evening until 11:00 p.m. so that's going to be big concern over the next several hours. in and around philadelphia, surrounding counties, this afternoon and evening, rain, becoming heavier at times,
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even embedded thunderstorm, winds will continue at 20-30 miles per hour sustained, gusts to 45 to 60 miles per hour will likely continue to see increasing numbers of power outages, at the coast, heavy rainfall is likely one to 3 inches through the end of this event. high wind warning remains in effect along our shore points, we could see wind gusts up toward six a miles per hour. and will likely crib to more report of downed trees, power outages, and that potential for moderate coastal flooding, really if you stay home, it will be the best thing to do with these strong winds, and that potential for over washed roadways specially along the coast. >> projectiles, put them in the garage. >> thank you so much, lauren. hold ton your hats, "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for lauren, august of us here, thank for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at >> and the yup is next. and the young and the restless is next.
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